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Career Coaching helps you:

Get Noticed


If your job search and resumé submissions have been met with silence, a JDec Career Coach can help. We will take a comprehensive look at your job search thus far, and you will learn techniques to stand out in an HR professional's inbox with a great resumé and cover letter.

Ace the Interview


Congratulations! You've gotten an interview! Now what? When do you bring up salary? What if your last job didn't end on your terms? An interview preparation session can help you honestly address these questions in a way that will give you and your potential employer confidence in your past experience.

Invest in Your Future


Whether you're gainfully employed, or in transition, a Career Coach can help you take the next step. From learning new ways to give presentations, manage your time, or even negotiate better compensation, we will work together to make sure this investment in your future is affordable for you today. 

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